• Strategy

    Strategy comes standard with all ICON services, but if you’re looking to define, research, analyze, and plan ... or just work to get your entire team on the same page ... then it starts with strategy. Branding, positioning, growth, technology … call on ICON. We’ll identify the true needs, pull the best thinking from your team, and fill in any blanks with 25 years of experience.

  • Design & Visual Content

    Video, animation, collateral, infographics, presentations, trade shows … visualize what’s possible. ICON designers and producers will make you look like the company you’re striving to become. Let’s show the world what they’re missing.

  • Web & Mobile

    How far we’ve come. Websites now represent your very organization to the outside world. Our expertise in website architecture, design, development, content, and optimization will ensure your company is successfully positioned in the marketplace. Our web app team will take it the extra mile, creating functionality and branding opportunities that keep your products and services top of mind.

  • Experiential

    Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Immersive … let’s call it Extended Reality (XR) and let’s call it the future. Training, entertainment, communication, and day-to-day operations are all being turned on their heads. Let ICON help you identify how to properly apply XR to drive sales, profit, branding, safety, and customer satisfaction.

  • Custom Software

    ICON Labs delivers innovative enterprise software platforms using our proven agile software development methodology. While we’re not always at liberty to say as much as we'd like, we can say that we get stoked about client-driven applications that increase customer satisfaction, decrease complexity, and reduce operational expenditures. Reach out to learn a bit more about our success stories and your possibilities.