Building Ann Arbor's Tech Community

Did you hear about Ann Arbor?

Last week, Bloomberg announced that Ann Arbor has moved up the ranks to be named the number 3 Tech Hub in the United States.

While the University drives much of the technology development of the city, there’s a small but mighty economic machine helping with the cause as well: Ann Arbor SPARK.

SPARK is a non-profit economic development organization committed to growing the region’s economy by encouraging and supporting business acceleration, attraction, and retention at every stage of a business development cycle- from startups to large organizations.

One of the most important contributions to the tech community from Ann Arbor SPARK is an event called ‘A2 TechTrek.’ This annual event allows students, job seekers, and general inquirers a chance to get to know the tech community of Ann Arbor by walking from business to business with educational experiences that reflect the company’s unique culture.

ICON has been partnering with Ann Arbor SPARK for the past three years on a number of projects- everything from web development to video production, to app creation for A2 Tech Trek.

As part of our next phase of partnership with Ann Arbor SPARK, we just launched the A2 Tech Connect app for Tech Homecoming. The app allows you to create a profile and interact with the greater Ann Arbor tech community, filter events, and more.

As Ann Arbor SPARK continues to enhance and enlighten the tech community, we’re thrilled to be part of the journey. We encourage you to follow them online and hope to see you at an event soon.