ICON Interactive Acquires Hydric

Digital Agency Expands Its Global Market PresenceThrough Latest Acquisition

Detroit (March 2020) - ICON Interactive completed another acquisition this month, adding Hydric to its growing footprint.

Hydric PTY LTD is a Brisbane, Australia-based app studio specializing in developing enterprise-level mobile and web experiences for companies including Bose, MTV, Reebok, Spotify, Sony and Twitter, serving millions of end users around the globe. Hydric focuses on creating mobile platforms that can serve these high-demand feature sets with minimal management and resources.

"This acquisition really cements what has been an ongoing relationship with Hydric for a few years now. We recognized that each organization comes into this with very similar values, skills and a sense of determination in finding great solutions for clients. Hydric brings an amazing group of people, a fantastic portfolio and a work ethic that is very similar to the rest of our company. Bringing these two organizations together was an easy decision." says Rob Cleveland, CEO of ICON Interactive.

As a part of ICON's Future Forward campaign, this acquisition, completed in January of 2020, follows the inclusion of Deep Canvas in the fall of 2019, a firm specializing in virtual reality experiences and digital training services. The Hydric team compliments this earlier addition, creating a group capable of rendering complex digital products and interactive experiences across the digital spectrum on mobile devices and emerging XR platforms.

"Our vision for Hydric was always to be a global technology studio and the preferred creative technology partner for our clients. ICON Interactive shares that vision, and together we complement each other's capabilities, enhancing our offerings to existing and future clients. We're very excited to become part of the ICON Interactive family; good people doing innovative, meaningful and creative work. We think we'll fit right in." says David Lowry, CEO of Hydric.

About ICON Interactive

ICON Interactive is a full-service digital agency that represents the merger of extraordinary design and powerful technology. Each initiative, each project, receives the full weight of both sides of the brain, rendering beautiful imagery that engages the eye, and functional control that gives real purpose.

With decades of experience, ICON has served multiple industries: from automotive and music to health care and consumer products. We help organizations with many different configurations meet their goals in the digital space and beyond. We do this because we love it.

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