Local University

VR Training In The Classroom


ICON puts students on the front lines of emergency healthcare and criminal forensics.


Leverage virtual reality (VR) to provide local university students with real-world hands-on training opportunities via immersive technology, all within a framework that allows the university to recoup large parts of capital outlay.


ICON is building a VR training platform whereby students involved in high stress procedures can practice and apply required knowledge and skills in a low stakes environment.

Organizations can speed up the learning process by creating virtual environments that are representative of actual workplaces without the costs of deploying students to a physical space. AR/VR training simulations can be far more cost effective and can minimize potentially life threatening mistakes, all while promoting learning through discovery and experience.

At one ICON university client, students are using VR training to simulate emergent healthcare scenarios and crime scene investigations, logging critical hours “doing” the work of professionals in the field.

A true win/win for students and colleges that's literally changing the landscape of professional learning.

For more info, download ICON's VR Training Whitepaper